Les Yeux Noirs – Tchorba (2005)

Este disco lo encontré de pura casualidad, en realidad buscaba otro. Les Yeux Noirs es un grupo francés que cultiva una mezcla de estilos gypsy y Jewish, con aderezos de jazz. Tiene uno temas bien alegres que recuerdan a Goran Bregovic y su música gitana.  Está altamente recomendable, yo le doy 10 Merendinas.
La reseña está en inglés, y no me dio pa’ la traducción:  Founded by the violin-playing Slabiak brothers, Erik and Oliver, Les Yeux Noirs has explored the common ground between Jewish and Gypsy music for more than a decade. Here on the septet’s fifth album, tChorba, which is a French perjoritive for “soup,” the band continues to refine its Jewish/Gypsy stock while adding in plenty of herbs and spices to make it the band’s richest-sounding effort yet. The title cut opens with a funk groove riff before ompapa-ing to rock and back. The band gets its flamenco on for “O’Djila,” sounding like they could give the Gipsy Kings a run for their money. Most intriguing is the fusion on “Desirs Derisoires,” which has a comfortable reggae lilt to its rhythm as it bounces between Latin pop and exotic Eastern filigree. The purpose of posing the band members under showers in the CD booklet is perplexing, but at least the band has its musical ducks in a row: amidst the stylistic shifts, the music doesn’t leave the listener adrift. –Tad Hendrickson.
Les Yeux Noirs:
Pascal Rondeau (vocals, guitar); Eric Slabiak (vocals, violin, accordion, keyboard); Olivier Slabiak (vocals, violin, programming, sampler); Franck Anastasio (vocals, double bass); Marinel Miu (cimbalom); Francois Perchat (cello); Aidje Tafial (drums).
El link de descarga lo obtuve de nuestros amigos de Taringa.
Track list:
01. Tchorba (Instrumental)
02. Désirs Dérisoires (Trivial Desires)
03. La Belle Amour (True Love)
04. Rêve (Dream)
05. Zam’hora Pe Opt (Instrumental)
06. Yankele
07. Doïna Si Joc de Marian (Instrumental)
08. Le Voyage (The Voyage)
09. Viens (Come Now)
10. Trado Trado (Traditional Romani)
11. O’Djila (Traditional Romani)
12. Vos Iz Gevein
13. Hora de Mîna (Instrumental)
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